Light Tackle Fishing Queensland

Where we fish with Light Tackle - Airlie Beach and up along the coast to Cairns.

Black marlin are the rarest of the marlin species and also one the fastest fish in the ocean. Luckily the coastal reefs off of North Queensland are home to these treasured beauties. Juvenile Black Marlin (Ideal for Light Tackle Fishing) are present off of Townsville and Cairns predominantly in the colder months from July through till around September and it’s the ideal time to go fishing for these little beauties.

Cape Bowling Green is situated 40 miles off of Townsville and is a popular feeding ground for juvenile Black Marlin and Sailfish species. Levante Fishing, charters up the coastline between August and September offering Light Tackle Fishing charter options.

Levante is an eye-catching 44” Assegai game boat which has been designed and customised entirely for this style of fishing. Trolling along in air-conditioned comfort and awaiting the next big bite is what fishing dreams are made of.

Light Tackle Fishing basically means you are matching the size/style of the tackle you are using to the fish you are attempting to catch.  Predominantly we use 1-15kg line on specially designed rods and reels. Light tackle Fishing is a fantastic starting point to try gamefishing due to the fact that the juvenile marlin weigh anything up to 20kg and you can therefor stand up and wind the fish in yourself without the need for more technical equipment and a fighting chair.  Light tackle Fishing is a popular choice from families and juniors to the keen fisherman that want to experience what ‘real fishing’ is all about!