Heavy Tackle Fishing Queensland

"This is what we live for!’ - Casey Dent - Skipper

- Cairns, Port Douglas, Lizard Island -
October –- December

The pinnacle of sports fishing – Capturing the Giant Black Marlin. There is 150miles of reef spanning from Cairns to Lizard Island which is home to the infamous ‘Big Girls’ – marlin weighing anything from 200pounds right up to 1200pounds. These large Black Marlin are present during the end of the year between October and December and Levante Fishing Charters spends all season gearing up to bring you some of the best fishing in the world. Cairns Fishing Charters and Port Douglas Fishing Charters are optimal departure locations for these large marlin.

Heavy Tackle fishing or ‘Real Fishing’ as our skipper likes to quote is trolling with large bait/live bait or lures on 60kg main line, providing up to 40kg of drag using specially designed Shimano Fishing Rods and the infamous ‘Fighting Chair’. The crew onboard Levante thoroughly enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge of how to reel in a big girl and ensure that your catch is documented on film, so you can relive the experience anytime you like, this is also great for bragging rights back at home.

Levante is a 44” custom Assegai gamefishing vessel which has brought in countless Giant Black Marlin over previous seasons, Officially being included in the ‘1000 pounder Club’ at Lizard Island. Levante Fishing Charters has it’s guests walking away with a permanent smile and a chip on their shoulder. If you’d like to join that privileged group, we'’re only a phone call away.