Levante Fishing Charters operates out of North Queensland in Australia. Spanning from Port Douglas all along the coastline of  North Queensland including Cairns, Levante Fishing Charters travels these regions throughout the year to follow fish migrations and ensure you are targeting the densest fishing grounds. Queensland is home to some amazing waters which flourish with fish species and is a popular destination for anglers from all over the world.

Townsville, Innisfail and along the coastline up to Cairns, Port Douglas and Cooktown are a focus for  Levante Fishing Charters from September through till December when the Black Marlin and Sailfish species migrate to spawn. Light tackle and Heavy tackle game fishing are our focus for keen anglers during this period and far North Queensland provides one of the best series of reefs and ocean for this sport in the world.

Levante is a custom 44” Assegai game boat which is specifically designed to carve through the toughest of oceans whilst providing comfort and doing it in style. Having navigated through the Queensland waters for years, its unbeatable design and experienced captain ensure you are taken to fish the most exclusive and secret fishing marks possible.

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