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Welcome to Levante Fishing Charters - Port Douglas and Queensland Fishing Charters

Introducing the world's first fleet of Assegai gamefishing charter boats!

'Levante' 44ft - Bottom fishing, Sports fishing & Leisure

'Zulu' 54ft - Gamefishing, bottom fishing & Leisure

'Beluga' 114ft - Luxurious Mothership & Expedition Charters

Welcome to Levante Fishing Charters where you can fulfil your fishing dreams with a variety of full half day or overnight trips. We offer Port Douglas Fishing Charters, Cairns and North Queensland fishing charters and other fishing experiences in and around Queensland.

The pristine waters around  Port Douglas, Cairns and  North Queensland make this region one of the best fishing playgrounds in the world, providing exciting opportunities to chase and catch a diverse variety of fish.

Levante is a 44 foot custom built ‘Assegai’ game fishing vessel which has been designed to incorporate both luxury and top notch fishing facilities. The boat has fished through numerous light and heavy tackle game fishing seasons along the east coast of Australia and has been fitted with the very best tackle along with heavily experienced crew who are trained to accommodate everyone, from the business executive on a social trip to the professional fisherman. The vessel is surveyed to carry 6 passengers plus crew, ensuring that customer service is of utmost importance.


Meet our sistership 'Zulu' which was lauched in 2015. Zulu is a 54 foot Assegai custom game fishing weapon and is most technologically advanced fishing vessel to hit the waters of Australia thus far. For more information on Zulu visit the website here.


Meet our superyacht 'Beluga X'. The ultimate experience on the water. Find out about our whole fleet here.


Whether trolling with lures or bottom fishing, whether using light or heavy fishing tackle, or pursuing the giant Black Marlin – ‘the super fish of the Pacific’ – Levante fishing expeditions can offer some of the best fishing in Australia and a fishing adventure you will never forget!

Besides the action and excitement of being pulled out of your chair by a big Black Marlin, sport fishing around the reef provides the opportunity of fishing for highly prized fish such as Coral Trout and Red Emperor, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel and Tuna.